Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nana thai mansion

The Nana Thai Mansion off Sukhumvit Soi 4 at the end of Soi 4 on the left,is a great place to stay close to everything a guy want's. Quiet, Clean, Safe, female friendly with no extra fee, walking distance to anything you desire or want. Also, a great staff that is very friendly. The Hotel provides a free Tuk,Tuk to take you down Soi 4 to Sukhumvit.

The Nana Thai Mansion is to be totally rebuilt in November 2009, the new pics were in the lobby and it looks hip and cool. Its a great deal now @ 900baht for a single room with no breakfast coupons. Hopefully, they can keep the prices down. Prices range from a Single with no breakfast coupons 900baht, or 1100 baht for a slightly larger room with a dvd player. Again, no breakfast coup.

If Blow Joibs are your thing and mine are, from the hotel...You may walk down 100 yards take a right cut to Soi 8 and BAM, your walking past a huge sign that says " LOLITA'S" and about 10-15 girls any time of the day/night and they ALL want to blow you. Because at Lolita's they specialize in doing one thing and nothing eles...Yep their job is to suck you off...and they dooo. Hell, I went twice in a few days. And picked a lovely different LBFM's each time.

So, as Karl walked me there and said...go ahead pic?...I said "what"....."OK". So, I perused the menu and as i glazed over the please pic me moans from the gala....I picked the smaller one I noticed with her big smile...Yes 4'10 and had tiny little brown nipples with a small waist....What a cutie.

Only short time go upstairs with her do your thing and down the stairs, sit at the bar have a beer and relax. Her fee at the present as of 06/03/09 is 700 baht for the BJ and then a tip for her. also 100 baht is $3.00 American.

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